The foundation publishes research reports and educational materials. 

The foundation does research related to the areas of which the foundation works in.


The foundation has 4 different areas in which it works:

- human and children rights

- marine and coastal environment

- emergency relief

- cultural heritage management

In 2020 the foundation published the report THE CHANGE IN PERCEPTION OF SUBMITTING CHILDREN TO CHILD WELFARE INSTITUTIONS IN DENPASAR CITY (ISBN 978-623-94046-0-4 (PDF)), which can be downloaded on this page by clicking the image below.

In 2015 the foundation, in cooperation with Bali Kids (Yayasan Anak Anak), published the book LINGKUNGAN BERSIH (ISBN 978-623-94046-1-1 (PDF)), which can be downloaded on this page by clicking the image below.


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