Anti Captivity Campaign

Westerlaken foundation actively finances campaigns against captivity of sea animals, like dolphins and turtles. For 2020 we have launched an Anti Captivity Campaign, which can be dowloaded below. Feel free to use and spread the message!

Spreading the message helps! In 2019 Westerlaken assisted Ric O'Barry Dolphin Project, Jakarta Animal Aid Network and BKSDA in the saving of Johni, Dewa, Rocky and Rambo out of the chlorine pool of Melka Resort in Lovina. Hopefully we can undertake more of those rescue missions in 2020!

Please see 2 movies below to see how campaigning helps! Movie 1 shows a clip made by us 3 years ago. Movie 2 shows the result of campaigning, the saving of Johni, Dewa, Rocky and Rambo in which we assisted. 


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