Orphanage tourism

As foundation we condemn orphanage volunteerism and orphanage tourism. Child Welfare Institutions in Bali are first of all not ‘orphanages’ as places were children live that have no parents. Those institutes are proving mainly schooling for children within programs. Many so-called orphanages in Bali have other motives such as personal gain or the spread of (another) religion. Many Western organizations are helping to fund those institutions, but also many individuals think they are doing good by doing volunteer work or internships within these so-called orphanages. Our research has showed that 76% of the children in Child Welfare Institutions are having both parents alive, whereas 92% of the children still have 1 parent alive. Totally against the law children are living in vulnerable situations in orphanages for the sake of receiving education. The law provides that these orphanages should stop recruiting in poor villages and instead have to set up programs for economic welfare of the parents. 

As foreigner / local there is no reason whatsoever to do volunteer work or internships within orphanages. Your help is not needed and you only provide opportunities for corruption and abuse. Cases of mental, physical and sexual abuse are apparent in orphanages. Many pedophiles are visiting orphanages and are not properly screened due to the massive influx of people coming to orphanages. 

If you want to help Balinese / Indonesian children, look for programs that are making sure that children can stay in their home environment, that children can receive education and that are not providing institutional care based on receiving education.


As trusted Child Welfare Institution we kindly refer to Bali Kids and Jodie O'Shea House / Yayasan Cinta Kasih Anak

Any harmful situation seen by us will be reported to the police

We advise Better Care Network, The Netherlands

The law on Child Welfare Institutions in Indonesia can be downloaded here

The law on Child Protection in Indonesia can be downloaded here
Amendments to the law on Child Protection in Indonesia (Indonesian language only) can be downloaded here (2014) and here (2016).

The law on human trafficking in Indonesia can be downloaded here

An English summary of a report on orphanage tourism written by the Dutch government in 2020 can be downloaded here

In 2021 we actively campaign against orphanage tourism. See our campaign below.