Rodney Westerlaken 


Rodney Westerlaken B.Ed., M.A. (PhD Candidate) holds a Bachelor 

degree in Education from STOAS hogeschool in 's Hertogenbosch,

a Master degree from Leiden University in Indonesian studies and

is currently a PhD candidate at Universitas Udayana in Denpasar,

Bali in Cultural Studies. 

Rodney Westerlaken lectures classes in cultural science, social science

and sustainability at NHL Stenden. Rodney Westerlaken's Master thesis

explored the field of Cultural Heritage Management on Bali, Indonesia,

highlighting a case study in Banjar Laba Nangga (Kabupaten Buleleng)

in which four prehistoric sarcophaguses were found. Rodney Westerlaken 

wrote several interdisciplinary academic articles for Jurnal Studi Kultural

and currently works on article on whale strandings depicted in etchings

and paintings in the North Sea environment. Rodney Westerlaken

currently does research on social cultural effects of the Bali Bombings

relating to children being submitted to orphanages in the Denpasar area.


Subsequently Rodney Westerlaken is undertaking research for a claim of return of cultural heritage (and on behalf of) of the Kingdom of Klungkung, Bali and facilitates, with help from the Westerlaken foundation, the return of several tombaks with sheath and a kris.

Services provided by Rodney Westerlaken are:

- (online) courses, lectures and workshops at Bachelor or Master level in the (interdisciplinary) field of cultural studies, social studies and sustainability with a focus on Indonesia and ASEAN

- (applied) research  

- cultural heritage management, (museum) collection science

- (research of) return and claims of predatory material culture

- search for works of art (classical or contemporary Indonesian/Asian art)


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