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Empowering Lives: Ibu Komang's Dedication to Supporting the Elderly and Underprivileged Children

Yayasan Bali Bersih team noticed news about a mother from Karangasem Regency, Ibu Komang Putri Handayani, who dedicated her life to helping the elderly and underprivileged children by selling groceries. With good intentions, the Yayasan Bali Bersih team met with Ibu Komang.

Ibu Komang Putri is an extraordinary volunteer with a strong motivation to assist the less fortunate in the Karangasem Regency area of Bali. Her motivation stems from compassion and empathy for those in need, especially elderly individuals who are sick and lack family support, as well as underprivileged children, such as orphans or those from broken families.

Initially, Ibu Komang's social actions focused on helping elderly individuals who struggled with medical expenses, particularly those suffering from serious illnesses like cancer and chronic diseases, as well as people with special needs (disabilities). Her social initiatives often revolved around severe cases, with some patients even passing away. Ibu Komang Putri also provided support for funeral expenses or cremations for patients whose families couldn't afford it.

As time went on, the scope of her social actions expanded to supporting 50 foster children with their education expenses. These children come from underprivileged families and live with either their parents or other family members. Ibu Komang solely provides financial assistance for their education and also offers grocery packages when the families are in need. This aid is given incidentally when required and is not provided regularly.

To fund her social actions, Ibu Komang Putri utilises the income from selling groceries at her shop. Half of the sales revenue is reinvested as capital for her business, while the rest is dedicated to supporting the social initiatives she undertakes. Additionally, she receives financial aid from various individuals and groups, which is directly channelled to the bank accounts of needy families.

Although Ibu Komang mostly works independently in her social endeavours, she collaborates with a doctor when handling cases involving elderly individuals with chronic illnesses or special needs.

Beyond direct assistance, Ibu Komang also aspires to establish an Orphanage or Elderly Care Home to support children lacking proper parental care due to various issues and elderly individuals without family support. The purpose of this care home is to equip these children with specific skills for their future. However, realising this dream is not feasible in the near future due to the substantial cost involved. Therefore, at present, Ibu Komang wants to remain focused on helping the families she currently supports, as the expenses for assisting them are also substantial.

Ibu Komang Putri has also carefully considered the risks and negative impacts of building an orphanage and fully understands that such a care home should be a last resort for children. If there are still families who can take care of the children, that would be a preferable option. She remains open to planning an orphanage if there are truly children in need of a home, ensuring they are cared for attentively and responsibly.

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