Another marine mammal stranded on Bali.

Just after receiving the news of a code 2 Dugong stranded in Gondol, Buleleng last weekend and a code 2 spotted Dolphin stranded on Mengiat beach on May 9, we received the news that yet another Dolphin (code 3) stranded on Pantai Saba through the Whale Stranding Network (Pak Rodo, BPSPL). The Dolphin is likely to be a stenella Dolphin.

It is suspected that the Dolphin has been entangled in fishing nets, seen the fact there were fishing nets at the mouth of the Dolphin. Another huge warning for ghost nets floating around in the ocean.

A necropsy was not possible due the status of the corpse. It has been buried onsite.

Image through Pak Rodo (BPSPL)

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